Fresh Produce Freight

Yearly, as winter fades and temperature increases, this usually signifies produce season in the truckload market. Shipping fresh produce like food items, fruits, vegetables, crops, or pharmaceutical goods is a fast-moving industry due to the short time frame needed to deliver these goods. Proper coordination is vital to ensure everything appears fresh and ready for the end-users. Therefore, whatever produce you are shipping should not be affected by the shipping method. 

When it comes to shipping, all produces are not the same. They differ in temperature requirements and also shelf life. Any delay in shipment or delivery time signifies a loss in the state of freshness. If you have refrigerated loads or produce freight, feel free to contact Haul it Forward as our logistics department will handle it efficiently for you.

The objective of any produce freight is to transport fresh produce quickly and safely. No matter the type of freight forwarding you need for your produce freight be sure you are getting the best transportation need from us. We ensure that our logistics processes are in place to help our customers and transporters derive satisfaction when using our produce freight.

The fact that each produce requires a specific temperature, the produce freight logistics world endeavors to use trucks that meet each produce’s specific need and destination during freight forwarding of produce. Any slight temperature changes can damage a produce; therefore, proper knowledge of each produce temperatures must be known. The produce-freight industry only works efficiently when all necessary components are put in place on time to maintain the shelf life of the produce.

Produce freight is so important to us, so do your loads and that’s why we have experts in this particular field. Any logistics failure in using the appropriate guidelines, the high-paced process of transporting items becomes dangerous. Therefore, Haul it Forward uses reefers whose temperature can be regulated to a particular range during transportation. This will aid in maintaining a quality appearance and overall freshness. Our logistics service involves planning transportation and delivery ahead of time. Also, our tracking systems provide you with up-to-date information needed about your produce’s location, which enables you to predict when your shipment will arrive.


As a freight forwarding company, we ensure that your full truckload (FTL) or less than truckload (LTL) is shipped to any destination of your choice, all at an affordable rate. When you need a timely, undamaged, and regular delivery of your produce to your destination, turn to Haul it Forward. Whether it is an inbound logistic service or outbound logistic service, we will ensure you get the best service on any of our logistics you choose. Our freight forwarding department matches your load with a reliable transporter and method for prompt delivery. So, prompt and hassle-free delivery is guaranteed.

Produce freight is a very sensitive industry, and proper communication between the freight forwarder and the logistic company is essential to know what to factor in when things change. Close attention needs to be paid to the gauges and adjustments made when needed to maintain proper temperatures. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about because our professionals at Haul it Forward understands all about produces freight, and we do not want any shortage from both ends. So, we ensure we take all responsibilities to produce delivery without any loss in freshness state. Now you see why we are the best freight broker to trust with your shipments.

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