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Freight Brokerage in Florida You Can Count On

Take advantage of our extensive hauling and transportation solutions to keep your business moving.

Fast, Efficient Broker Solutions for Your Business

When it comes to moving your products where they need to be in Florida, you need a reliable and trusted partner with experience in handling freight deliveries. At Haul It Forward, we specialize in handling a wide variety of transport solutions for your commercial needs. As a leading freight broker in Florida, we work with our clients to prioritize customer satisfaction, efficiency, and speed. Focus on other aspects of your business while we handle the logistics.


What We Do

We offer a variety of freight broker solutions tailored to your business, including:

LTL Freight

If you are transporting smaller and more frequent shipments, our Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Freight service is what you need. It minimizes shipping costs and maximizes efficiency. Since its inception, Haul It Forward has successfully transported thousands of LTL shipments. We use an innovative transport management system to streamline the LTL Freight process. We make it easy for you with features like instant price calculations, on-time deliveries, and expedited trade show deliveries.

Truckload Freight

If you are ready to trust your truckload shipping needs to a freight broker in Florida, you can’t go wrong with Haul It Forward. We are one of the leading freight management companies in the state, with extensive resources to meet your business needs. We take pride in delivering customized solutions to supply chain and transportation problems. Our rates are highly competitive, and thanks to our extensive fleet of trucks, we are adept at handling specialized services. With your freight needs you can grow your business.

Produce Freight

Whether it’s fresh, refrigerated, or frozen freight, you can rely on the experts at Haul It Forward to meet your logistical needs while preserving quality from pickup to delivery. For years, food manufacturers and grocery retailers in Florida have trusted us with their produce freight needs. We pay attention to the details, ensuring that your load requirements are met.
We offer a variety of produce freight options, including a dry van, expedited, refrigerated, and more to keep your produce fresh.

Enjoy the Haul It Forward Difference

Your business soars when you rely on a trusted transportation partner who can provide customized solutions. When you work with Haul It Forward, you can count on us to deliver more than just your freight.

Reliable Capacity

Get access to an extensive fleet of company-owned trucks and full-service freight brokerage.

Trailer Diversity

From open-deck and multi-axle heavy haul trailers to dry vans, we have the precise equipment needed to haul your products from Point A to Point B.

Expert Friendly Service

We pride ourselves on the friendly, calm, and personal support we provide. We treat each freight with the highest level of importance.


Whether you need a one-off or irregular and unexpected shipments, we will work around your schedule to accommodate your freight needs in Florida.


Get a Fast and Cost-Effective Solution with a Freight Broker Near You

Get a Fast and Cost-Effective Solution with a Freight Broker Near You Are you in Florida searching online for a “Freight Broker near me“? At Haul It Forward, we understand the importance of the supply chain, and we ensure it’s seamless. With our first-class logistics software, experienced team, and vehicle fleet, you can rest assured that your goods will be delivered on time and safely. Give us a call to discuss your freight delivery requirements, you will be glad you called.

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