Truckload Freight

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Truckload Freight

Truckload freight is a means by which goods and products are loaded on trucks and transported via roads. The loads are gathered with other loads or distributed to a shipping container. Haul it Forward handles truckload freight professionally as a freight broker expert. We put size, weight, and shipping time into consideration when using this means of transportation to ship your container.
In transporting big loads like industrial equipment, farm machinery, or automobiles, truckload freight is the most cost-effective choice to select on short distances. At Haul it Forward, we ensure that our truckload freight is cost-effective for shorter distances and available 24/7 (trucks operate all day long), making a truckload freight a preferable choice.

Although we provide different types of these shipping services and our transporters are usually helpful to guide you, one will be most suitable for your shipping container from the warehouse to the final destination. The volume and weight of the shipping container, along with the distance the transporter traveled from the warehouse to the delivery point, will sum up for the payment to be made.
There are different types of truckload freight, and our customers must understand each of them to enable them to make their choice. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Also, both customers and transporter must be aware of these types of truckload freight for easy movements of shipping containers safely and at a reasonable amount.

Types of Truckload Freight

This is dependent on factors like shipping time, weight, size, destination, budget, or transportation speed. Listed below are the common types:

  • Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Freight
  • Partial Truckload and
  • Full-Truckload (FTL) Freight

At Haul it Forward, professional and experienced freight specialists manage our truckload freight broker services, and we have access to a wide variety of truck types nationally and internationally. In case you are wondering to know the types of truck we have and what each of these trucks hauls, here we go:

  • Van: haul several products that do not need to be refrigerated like animal feed, electronics, soil, manure, etc.
  • Vented van: this has a vent at the front and allows airflow through the truck and to the goods at the rear part. All product that needs to be air-cooled and not refrigerated can be transported using this truck.
  • Logistical vans: any valuable or extremely sensitive things or machinery can be transported using this truck. It has straps that hold down the products securely so that it does not move during transportation.
  • Flatbed: it hauls products like machinery, cars, tractors, wood, steel, and roofing materials
  • Reefer: also called a refrigerated van. Produce that need to be refrigerated or kept cool for long-distance transportation are hauled using these trucks. Produce like watermelon, tomatoes, frozen foods, etc.

Therefore, depending on the kind and quantity of product, you plan shipping, you can contact Haul it Forward to make further inquiries and be sure that we would select the best method and truck that meets your shipping requirements.

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